Saturday, February 24, 2007

Finally getting the early submissions...

Finally we are getting some of the earlier submissions which had been delayed by Khmer post. As I said before, Khmer post is generally very reliable, but can sometimes involve unexpected delays.

Also, shared the CamboFest site and concept with some fellow students in my Master's of Development program at Royal University of Phnom Penh; they're all very interested in the whole thing, although none of them really know what a "film festival" is (!)...currently, there's very little in the way of indie film culture in Cambodia.

Of course, with CamboFest, we hope to change that!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Update Regarding Tardy Movies / CORRUPTION STRIKES!!!


Just a quick upate to let you all knwo that a few of the movies sent very early on still have not arrived; our thinking is the Khmer Postal staff was so stunned by the idea of getting all these DVDs sent that they did not initially react normally and may have sent them onward (say, to Singapore)

We'll wait and see, but just letting you all know if you're worried about your tardy movie, we'll suggest at the one month mark...that you might want to re-send? Sorry about this, but hey, this is a developing nation.

But so far, the vast majority of movies have been received with little problem.

But the little problem now is...bribage at the Post Office...some DVDs are now being mysteriously held for ranson, which we are paying (few thousand Riel)

Anyway, keep the movies coming, and thanks for your interest in CamboFest!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

New conceptual addition to CamboFest: the rural component!

In the latest conceptual update to CamboFest, we've decided to do a program of screenings out in the countryside as well as showing in the city (since Cambodia is 80% rural, figured it was only fitting to do something like this)

Though there will be some logistical challenges to be sorted out, we're excited to do this--we think it'll be a great way to bring a few movies out to the real Cambodia (oxcarts, ricefields, and very fresh & curious audiences) as well!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007


More movies coming in from around the world, thanks for all the interest so far! Now getting our Khmer staff solidified. Since we're also working with a local children's organization for organizational support ( our budget in some areas is still limited...ergo, we can use any pro bono assistance folks from abroad feel like contributing including: web tweaking, publicity, etc! Drop us a line at if you're interested

Things solid though overall, minus slowish Khmer post...

Monday, February 5, 2007

Slow-Arriving Submissions: You Are Not Forgotten!

Just to confirm that we are stil aware of the wide variance in arrival times for submissions, some being submitting a while ago and still not in the PO BOx, while others have only been sent maybe 10 days ago and received already...can only surmise that Khmer Post has perked up after the first few discs arrived and are being more speedy than usual.

Keep in mind that:

1) We don't check off films as received until they are actually in our PO Box

2) Almost everything does eventually arrive (haven't had anything mailed here yeat that didn't arrive)

Again: for those who truly need a trackable (but more epensive) method for sending movies, email us at to arraneg for DHL / Fd Ex info.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

*** CAMBOFEST FLYER in Khmer and English ***

For some reason, Blogger didn't update; so, here it is again a PDF of a flyer which can be posted in cafes, film schools, movie houses, etc...appreciate anyone spreading the word!

Thanks Again