Sunday, April 29, 2007

Dates Set for CAMBOFEST 2007: Phnom Penh Edition

Dates have been set, with Venue A already confirmed:

CamboFest 2007 will take place June 16 & 17th at two venues here in Phnom Penh, to be announced shortly! Filmmakers to be notified soon as well...

Was just back up in Siam Reap, scoping out venues for a Siam REap edition, currently not officially announced, but in the works with an anticipated late October/Early November date (and with Venue B already locked in!)

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Busy Busy BUSY!!!

Running around (or shall I say RIDING around on trusty Daelim moto) like mad, collecting discs, meeting with venue folks, etc. Apologies for tardy blog action, but it's not really a top priority right now! ;)

However, might be interesting for some folks to note that I finally received one entry which had been sent on February 11th, so, arriving today here in Phnom Penh [ in good shape, it looks like] at our PO Box means an elapsed time of TWO MONTHS!!!!

Also interesting to point out that these were entries from the US; some Aussie entries zipped over here in about a week, so it definitely does depend on country of sender.

So...a few other stragglers may still be making their appearance, unless folks prefer to resend via FedEx, etc. Even so, it's probably about 10-15% entries who are AWOL in some way.

What doe this mean? Well, could mean POSSIBLY adjusting the festival date to make sure they're all in; or another option, doing an "unplugged" selection of CamboFest movies herein Phnom Penh as planned mid June, with main event in Siem Reap (Angkor Town) later, atthe end of rainy season...