Monday, June 18, 2007

**Winners of the Grabay Meas 2007! (Including pending award for Greg Cahill's The Golden Voice) **

CamboFest [Phnom Penh 2007 Edition] was a smashing success--thanks to everyone who supported us!

Herewith are listed the winners of the Golden Waterbuffalo Trophy, as determined by audience opinion and viewing staff using our "semi-democratic judging methodology" in each of Five Categories:

Best Local Showcase (made by a Cambodian National)
"Little Boy Drinking Bad Water"
Cambodia. Dir Poy Chhunly and Yannick Zanchetta.

Best Short Documentary
"Love Man Love Woman"
Vietnam / USA, Dir., Thi Nguyen.

Best Feature Documentary
Germany. Dir., Helge Cramer

Best Short [Fiction/Animation/Experimental] - UPDATE! Provisional Award, Pending Music Rights (will re-update if/when filmmaker secures music usage rights to Cambodian artist's tracks)
The Golden Voice.
USA. Dir., Greg Cahill

Best Feature [Fiction/Animation/Experimental]
La Cathedrale (The Cathedral)
Mauritius. Dir., Harrikrisna Anenden.

SEE PICTURES of the GRABAY MEAS (Golden Waterbuffalo) AWARDS AT:

***Thanks Again to All Participating Filmmakers! ***

[Program will repeat, with some new additional movies, in Siam Reap in Dry Season Late Oct / Early November TBA]

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Taking Sweaty Break in Mekong Web

Day before Cambofest, now taking a break to update blog the day before CamboFest, as I load in to Sala ArtSpace...Mekong Web conveniently located downstairs here so good for Bloggage.

Not too much to install, chairs coming later. Big banner outside looks GREAT, will try to post that pic ASAP.

Nico from Metahouse has just come back from Germany, so will have to tweak his space later this afternnon, and most challenginsly, install the BIG SCREEN downstairs.

(((Thanks for all your support, Kampuchea!)))

** Wish us luck, tomorrow is Day #1! **

Friday, June 1, 2007

Steady as She Goes

Despite agonizingly slow internet here, things move forward for CamboFest! Not sure how many filmmakers will attend, Greg Cahill (The Golden Voice) will show.

Haven't notified any rejections yet because, until the schedule is technically completely locked (5 days - week before) there's always a chance that more room will open in the schedule, etc...also there's new talk of Venu "X" opening, a mysterious third venue which would allow us to show more movies than we currently have time for in the schedule! ;)

Burnt out; must head to Kep for a few days to get my wind back...Vuth and others also taking a few days off