Monday, March 24, 2008

Angkor Thom Magazione article from CamboFest 2007

Finally found a copy of Ankor Thom Magazine, feauturing coverage of CamboFest they'd done for last year's CamboFest--my friend Houy told me she'd "see a picture of me in a magazine" (along with a Golden Waterbuffalo) so I know this had to be it.

Herewith, please find scans of the article...
By the waqy, the WAB listing problem wasn't actually a problem at all; our liason had suspended the listing to provide us time to conduct the anticipatd dates change for CamboFest, since the last day of regular submissions was nigh-had she not locked the listing (de-listed it) we would have been compelled to continue with the original dates, since the new month would have begun already.
Anyway the short of it is, we were delistd for benign and legitimate reasons, basically to allow us a couple days to settle our new dates.
(((More later)))

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Temporary delist from Withouabox ~ Please use other submission methods


Mentioned to WAB yesterday that we may wat to shift the main festval dates for CamboFest til after rainy season, that is, til December/Jan with the original June date staying put as a preview event...then heard back that until those specific new dates were settled, we'd be OFFLINE for submisisons via WAB. (?!)

Didn't know that was coming...anyway, we're still on track for original June dates and if there's any questionj about submitting, please visit our suubmissions page at :

To submit via the valid, traditional methods til we can get the WAB mechanism sorted out--

Thanks so far for all submissions!