Monday, October 18, 2010

Cambodian filmmaker Yvon Hem receives his Grabay Meas ('Golden Waterbuffalo') trophy from CAMBOFEST, Cambodia

Photo of legendary Cambodian filmmaker Yvon Hem with the Grabay Meas ('Golden Waterbuffalo') trophy for his film, 'Shadow of Darkness', which screened at CamboFest ( 3.0 2553/2009 Edition.

Trophies from last year were delayed, in part, due to the interference by Phnom-Penh based foreign movie pirates in the previous edition of CamboFest (, Cambodia's independent movie festival, now entering its 4th season.

...nonetheless, winning filmmakers like Yvon Hem were never forgotten, and all winning filmmakers have now received their awards*!

Yvon Hem is currently also attached as co-writer to FREEDOM DEAL, the 3rd feature by Camerado director Jason Rosette (seated left in photo).

Find more information about FREEDOM DEAL here-->

NOTE (4/28/13) - Mr Yvon Hom passed away on August 8, 2012; his generosity and greatness shall never be forgotten!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Screening Submissions Underway

Getting close to the end of the call for submissions for the 4.0 edition of CamboFest (ending November 1), and now starting to screen in earnest - some great work, very diverse crop of movies this year.

More info later, but stay tuned at the CamboFest website at for updates!