Sunday, March 13, 2011

CamboFest 4 Wraps * Plans for the Future

CamboFest 4 has wrapped despite a last minute change of venue ~ thanks to all participating filmmakers, contributors, the YAHRD Youth Group, and guests!

Regarding our plans for future editions of CamboFest: in light of chronic variances in the Cambodian media environment and government approvals process which have proven to be significant obstacles to the production of a 'normal' festival process and project, we are currently considering the best way to undertake our indie film festival in the very challenging developing Cambodian context.

In summary, we're considering adopting a bi-annual or multi-annual format (as do numerous other festival efforts in the developing world).

Such a change in format takes into consideration an assessment that the Cambodian motion picture exhibition sector may require another 10-20 years to develop to the point where independent, lower-budgeted film festival efforts are able to exist viably through a streamlined, codified, government approvals process.

Another option may be to transform the event into a 'Television' festival, which could fall under the guidance of the Cambodian Ministry of Information, which is reputed to be more supportive, favorable and cooperative with regard to some media efforts than the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts.

Additional options include a variation or spin-off of the event (i.e., 'Son of CamboFest') to be produced by the YAHRD Youth Group in Kampot, who have now been duly and adequately trained - via their experience at the CamboFest 4th edition - to run a basic, grass roots festival version of CamboFest or similar event of their own production.

Finally, selections from CamboFest (or the entire, ongoing CamboFest festival program) may be included as a sidebar showcase at affiliated regional events, such as the Bangkok IndieFest -

Please check the CamboFest website at, and the Facebook page at:

Stay tuned for the announcement of the winners of the Grabay Meas ('Golden Waterbuffalo') awards, coming soon ~ all the Best!

J Rosette, Phun Sokunthearith, & the CamboFest Team
CAMBOFEST, Cambodia's indie film festival (est. 2007)