Friday, July 1, 2011

Grabay Meas (Golden Buffalo) Winners of the 4th Edition of CAMBOFEST, Cambodia Film Festival

After much deliberation, and weighing the inputs of local audiences and participants in Cambodia, the Winners of the Grabay Meas (Golden Waterbuffalo) Awards for the 4th Edition of CamboFest, Cambodia Film Festival are as follows:

Feature Fiction - 'Dark Souls', Dir. Ceasar Ducasse 

Short/Medium Fiction - 'Lights', Dir. Giulio Ricciarelli 

Feature Documentary - 'Salaam Rugby', Dir. Faramarz Beheshti 

Short/Medium Documentary - 'Ayla My Korean Daughter', Dir. Byung Hun Hwang 

Universal Language - 'Extincion II', Dir. Fernando Uson Fornies 

Animation Only - 'For a Fistful of Snow', Dir. Julien Ezri 

Cambodia Movie Showcase - 'Good Luck for You Every Day',  Dir. Raul Gallego Abellan and Marc Martinez  

Very Short Movie - 'Natural Plastic', Dir. Faiyaz Jafri 

Edutainment/Social Issue - 'Pain is Temporary, Pride is Forever' Dir., Josh Lee

Thanks to all filmmakers and moviegoers for their participation! 

(Filmmakers listed above please contact for further details)