Tuesday, January 12, 2016

CamboFest 2016 Update

Hello Friends:

It's been a while since the last update for Cambodia's first film festival, the CamboFest Film & Video Festival!

Established way back in 2007, CamboFest was the first internationally recognized movie festival to take place in Cambodia since the end of the Khmer Rouge regime...our indie, grass roots event has since inspired and encouraged a host of other movie festival events in Cambodia who followed our pioneering lead!

As some may know, the CamboFest event went on a multi-year hiatus to 'wait out' some challenging variables in the local media environment here in Cambodia, in order to allow those to settle and disperse.

CamboFest is now back on track to undertake its first event in a number of years; depending on the number of quality submitted films, financing, and other factors, this may be a 'Lite' event - as was held in 2008 Phnom Penh, and in 2009 in Siem Reap as the festival once again gains traction.

In either case, CamboFest's Khmer staffers are at this very moment (1/13/16) viewing screeners submitted through our portal at FilmFreeway, and are busily ranking and notating those entries.

Given the curve that always accompanies training, our intention is to stay on course for a late March event.

However, given the challenges of starting up an event again in the developing world after a multi-year pause, there's always a chance this may need some adjustment - stand by in any case for any updates.

And always, always please refer to this official blog for verified news regarding the CamboFest event!